About Us
Allcom Communications, formerly Olde Tyme Communications is a leading interconnect telephone
company providing services to business throughout Connecticut, Southern Massachusetts, and Rhode
Island.  It's founder, Glenn Higney, started the business more than twenty three (23) years ago and
has grown its customer base more than three-hundred satisfied customers.

In addition to providing telecommunications equipment and services, we also offer a variety of other
services related to computer technology.  With our combined expertise of more than thirty (30) years
in the field of telephony and computer programming and design.

When we originally named the company "Olde Tyme Communications", our intent was to have people
think as we did . . . that we provide the kind of customer service and courtesy that was once a
competitive and complicated industry.  However, we decided to change our name, based on feedback
from our customers who were skeptical to do business with a company with a name that implied that
we may use "olde tyme" technology.  Hence the name change approximately thirteen (15) years ago.

We are a full service company with accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  There is no such
thing as "it can't be done", or "that's not my job" at Allcom.  We will assist you in any way that we can
in order to make your business run more efficiently and effectively, or to make your job easier.

Throughout our company's history, the products and services that we sell and support have been
characterized as state-of-the-art, quality and reliable.  The company has a strong foundation in PBX,
Centrex, Electronic Key Systems, and Voice Mail Systems.  These attributes, in large part, stem from
the company's employees.

We are constantly upgrading our skills in order to keep up with the latest technology to support our
customers in the most reliable and cost effective ways.  Service, education and quality products
continue to be the hallmarks of our company.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information.  Please contact our office at 860-423-7111,
we look forward to hearing from you!
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Our Business
Celebrating 20 years in business.  Allcom
Communications was originally  located in Milford, we
are currently in the North Windham area serving all
of Connecticut, Southern Massachusetts, and
Rhode Island.  

We also work as a sub contractor for out of state
vendors with Connecticut based customers.
A Few of our Customers

Liberty Bank
Rockville Bank
Dime Bank
First Niagara Bank
Rawson Materials
Jewel Verne Jewlers

Housing Development Fund
CT Stone Supplies

No matter how small or large your company is, all
customers are treated with the same
professional service and expertise.
Allcom Communications Inc.