Services Provided
Service Calls

    Telephone Systems and Sets
  • Repair damaged telephone equipment (sets and systems)
  • Replace damaged line and handset cords
  • Replace defective telephones and jacks
  • Troubleshoot problems on telephone sets (i.e.;  static, disconnects, etc.)
  • Testing of lines and jacks (i.e.; telephone, fax, modem, T-1, ISDN lines, RJ11, RJ21, RJ31, RJ48 etc.)
  • Service Support for all customers and their staff (i.e.; assist in the programming of time/date, speed
    dials, adjusting ringer volume etc.)

    Systems serviced (but not limited to):  AT&T, Avaya, Lucent, Meridian, Toshiba, Panasonic, Aastra, Mitel

  • Testing of network wiring to determine the speed of network
  • IP Address Identification
  • Testing and/or replacing patch cords
  • Ping routers
  • Flash hubs for network identification
  • Cable certification
  • Testing of individual cable pairs
  • Measuring of cable length to be sure cable does not exceed maximum length
  • Noise on the cable
  • Jack failures
  • Patch cord issues

    Service Call Turn Around Times
    24 hour response time for non-emergency calls
         2 hour response time for emergency calls*

    *Emergency calls consist of a business being affected with 50% or more down, with no phone and/or
    network service.

Moves, Adds and Changes
(MAC Calls)

    Telephone Systems and Sets
  • Adding new telephone equipment (sets, systems, cards, voice/data cabling, etc.)
  • Relocate telephone sets and other peripheral equipment (i.e., fax machines, Polycom speakerphones,
    credit card machines, etc.)
  • Reprogramming of telephone systems and sets
  • Main frame clean up

  • Install new network wiring, including ATM’s, DVR’s, Magtek, credit card machines, Coinstar, etc.
  • Wire mapping
  • Installing or replacing routers
  • Adding network racks and patch panels
  • Patch cords
  • Custom color schemes for cables and jacks for easy end user management
  • Network frame clean up

    MAC Call Turn Around Times
    24 – 48  hour response time for non-emergency calls
    2 hour response time for emergency calls*

    *Emergency calls consist of a business being affected with 50% or more down with no network service.

New Installations

    Telephone Systems and Sets
  • Ordering of new telephone equipment
  • Ordering of new lines and network services from AT&T
  • Development of programming sheets
  • Cabling for voice and data station and system equipment
  • Toning-out station locations (where existing wiring is used)
  • Installation of telephone lines to telephone equipment (cross connecting and programming)
  • Programming call forwarding assignments
  • Installing RJ31X jacks for alarm system connection
  • Installing and designating fax lines, credit card lines, coin star, etc.
  • T1 and ISDN installation
  • End user training on new system features and functions

  • Color coding cables to each location (blue and/or green=data, yellow=voice)
  • Install patch panels and racks
  • Provide custom length, color coded patch cords
  • Installing wire managers
  • Designating both the jacks and the patch panel to ensure easy end user management
  • Complete and total main frame installation
  • Test, confirm, and certify all cables to be VIOP ready

Network Testing

    Validator NT
    1.  Certify
  • Certify individual Ethernet cable runs up to 1 Gigabit speed per IEEE802.3 Specifications
  • Test for T1A568 interconnect problems.  Determine fault locations, cable length and delay or noise
  • Produce and print cable test schedules and cable test results
  • Qualify lines for VoIP usage

    2.  Identify
  • Hubs, NIC or Auto MDI/MDI-X devices
  • Identify port service:  POTS, Ethernet, ISDN, Token Ring, etc.
  • Network advertised speed of components
  • Hub connection location by blinking ports
  • IP address with Ping function

    3.  Configure
  • Configure links between nodes at Gigabit speed
  • Check IP addresses on netmask, Gateway/routers and domain name servers
  • Confirm links between equipment for changes or upgrades
  • Access DHCP hosts to obtain network information

    4.  Document
  • Document the network
  • Print out layouts and corresponding Cable Test Schedules
  • Sample Report (PDF File)

Consulting / Project Management
  • Working with our customer to understand needs and requirements
  • Offering solutions to business communication needs, requirements and issues
  • Working as a liaison between the customer and AT&T to insure that the best interest of the customer is
    protected, as well as insuring conformity to existing equipment, policies, practices, and procedures
  • Assistance with developing and adhering to project time lines
  • System design
  • Attend vendor meetings
  • Conversions or cut-overs for new locations added to the existing network

Help Desk / Call Center
    We  offer to companies who do not have a dedicated skilled employee in place to handle telecom
    issues.  We put each user in touch with our in house Help Desk/Call Center to help offer quick help to
    simple problems.

  • Working directly with the user when there is a service call, troubleshooting problems
  • Deciphering the type of service call (related to line and/or phone issues) and who is responsible for
    completing  (Allcom Communications, Inc. or AT&T)
  • Working directly with AT&T personnel to handle line issues.  This also includes ordering new lines,
    changing hunt groups, and call forwarding assignments
  • Technical Support to the end user on simple phone programming.  (i.e.,  setting the time, programming
    speed dials, adjusting the ringer, etc.)
  • Maintaining customer records (i.e., detailed list of lines, system type, phone type, count, etc.)

Maintenance Contracts
    For those companies who require a budget on your telecommunication needs, we offer a Maintenance
    Contract that covers a variety of service related issues.  

    **Special:  When signing a one (1) year maintenance contract, special discounted labor rates apply. **
Services We Provide

Allcom  Communications, Inc. provides Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We service a variety of telephone
systems, and provide a variety of spare parts to maintain the systems to keep them in good operating condition.  
Our suppliers offer most equipment as “new” or “refurbished” as each customer location or circumstance dictates.  
Leasing Options are also available.

We have full knowledge of many phone systems and programming procedures.  All work completed by Allcom
Communications, Inc. is guaranteed.  We service all of Connecticut as well as Southern Massachusetts and Rhode
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